Solar Plane Proves Night Flights Possible – Returns to Spain

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It’s mission accomplished. The Solar Impulse, the world’s longest solar powered flight has landed back home in Madrid, Spain. The flight took 17 hours from Rabat, Morocco. The plane’s maiden voyage was from Spain to Morocco, proving that a solar-powered plane could fly both day and night. Next, say its owners Swiss pilots Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, is a flight around the world.

The Solar Impulse has the same amount of power as a scooter with four 10 HP engines, and it took the flying duo who founded the project seven years of studying, simulating, constructing, and testing their Solar Impulse concept.

“Flying as far as this, powered only by solar energy will be excellent training for the round-the-world trip,” said Borschberg, co-founder and chief executive of Solar Impulse.

“To fly night and day without fuel, powered by solar energy, and to demonstrate that progress is possible using clean energy.”

Meanwhile, the plane will return home to the green pastures of Switzerland as its ambitious crew prepares for the next adventure.

::Solar Impulse

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