Better Air Cleans Sick Buildings With Probiotics

dust mites allergens, better air filter, israel, 3d, acarian, acarine, allergy, bed, bite, bug, dirty, dust, dusty, electron, hygiene, insect, marco, micro, mite, skincells, unhygienicTurn sick buildings healthy with a probiotic air filter from Israel. Above, dust mites.

Better Air of Rishon LeZion, Israel is using a new approach to improve indoor air quality.  Their probiotic Biozone cleaners harness natural bacteria to break down biofilms and reduce contamination from molds and other allergens.  This approach is intended to prevent sick building syndrome (SBS.)

Western industry has often used a brute-force approach to cleanliness.  Just look at at the number of  anti-bacterial soaps and other chemicals in a typical household. We are beginning to learn why this approach is doomed to fail. Soaps have had anti-bacterial properties ever since they were invented in Babylon almost 5000 years ago, but none are able to kill all bacteria.  Those who survive evolve better defenses. Some join together into biofilms or develop into superbugs which are resistant to antibiotics.

The moist environments inside air conditioning systems are perfect for breeding bacteria, dust mites, mold, fungus and other allergens and pathogens and there is no practical way to scrub the inside of ventilation systems even in a small building.  Clearly we need a better approach.

Better Air’s solution is a Biozone cleaner which introduces probiotics into air conditioning systems.  If you’ve ever eaten yoghurt to restore your body after taking a course of anti-biotics, you’ve used probiotics. They are beneficial bacteria which help us by crowding out or destroying harmful bacteria such as listeria and legionella.

In Biozone the probiotics act as tiny helpers. They work their way into the nooks and crannies where bad bacteria hide and break apart biofilms. The can also remove other causes of sick building syndrome so that we can be more healthy in our homes and workplaces.

::Better Air (in Hebrew)

Dust mite photo from Shutterstock

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