Gold and Armored Rolls is Most Ungreen Luxury

RollsFor 5 million Pounds Sterling you too can own a car like this. It’s armor plated too!

We live in the Middle East and can’t avoid noticing the ostentatious and ungreen ways of some people over here. We’ve covered a white gold Mercedes sports coups,  and other luxury vehicles highlighted at the recent Abu Dhabi auto show: not in line with making the Middle East sustainable! And now we dig up yet another gold car, a Rolls Royce ultra luxurious EWB Phantom limousine that is not only armor plated but contains 120 kg of solid 18 carat gold trim.

Rolls Phantom inside Rolls Royce ultra luxurious EWB Phantom limousineview. Louis Jadot Champagne anyone?

The special project, which took 18 months to complete, is a cooperative effort between Stuart Hughes of Liverpool, a designer of luxury products; and Eurocash AG of Zug, Switzerland.

The car, which was said have been built for an anonymous Middle East businessman, carried a price tag of 5 million Pounds Sterling (US $7,850,000).

Rolls Royce ultra luxurious EWB Phantom limousineDM 51 fragmentation grenade: contains 6,500 steel balls

The “businessman” who ordered such a car, and is willing to pay so much for it, must be looking for more than just an outlandishly priced set of wheels. Eurocash AG, a firm that specializes in customizing luxury cars, including bullet proofing and armor plating, appears to have done their work well this this Rolls.

After the armor plating was completed, the car was tested against 570  caliber 7.62 Russian bullets fired from an AK 47 assault rifle and aside from numerous scratches came through unscathed. To make sure the car was really assault proof, a couple of military type DM 51fragmentation grenades were also hurled at the Rolls.

Wealthy businessmen living in the Gulf region have been known to purchase super luxury cars, like white gold Mercedes and Bentley cars. But even so, the cost of this armored plated gold trimmed tank is about as ridiculous and wasteful as it gets. No doubt, the owner wants to not only ride in style, but as safely as possible as well. We can only wish him well, and hope that some of this wealth, most likely from non-green fossil fuels, will somehow find its way to helping the environment.


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