Eco-Friendly Bakery Gives Historic Presidential Voters in Egypt Free Pastries

Egypt, Presidential Elections, Recycled Materials, Food, Baked Goods, The Bakery ShopToday Egyptians stood in line for hours to vote in the first real, competitive presidential election in the country’s history. And our favorite bakery, the only one in Egypt to recycle their own packaging into attractive notebooks, bookmarks and other stationary, is encouraging voters to play a role in the future of their homeland. As part of their “I Got Ink” campaign, all six Cairo branches of The Bakery Store are offering free baked goods to anyone who shows up with a bright purple index finger indicating that they have indeed cast their historic vote.

Egypt, Presidential Elections, Recycled Materials, Food, Baked Goods, The Bakery Shop

TBS has branches in Maadi, City View, Zamalek, Korba, Mohandessin, Nile Tower, Diplomats 3 and at the American University of Cairo and each one is putting their full weight behind Egypt’s historic moment.

It doesn’t matter where each vote goes; it only matters that Egyptians participate in the historic moment that they brought about through last year’s revolution and the ensuing battle to keep military powers in check. It has been a long and bloody road and many challenges lie ahead, but the two day elections so far have gone without any serious hitches.

There are 50 million eligible voters in Egypt. If every one of them casts a vote and claims their free baked goods, TBS will go bankrupt and the World Bank will have to bail them out. Ok, so maybe that’s unlikely to happen, but the store with sugary delights “so fresh it’s baked in front of you” does want to encourage the Egyptian people to actively engage in one of their proudest moments.

Egypt, Presidential Elections, Recycled Materials, Food, Baked Goods, The Bakery Shop

Voting in the first genuine presidential election in Egypt is as¬†memorable to TBS as the first nobel prize awarded to Egyptian author Naguib Mahfouz, who fearlessly criticized the status quo that has crippled the country for decades. And it is as proud as the moment women led a street demonstration in the 1919 revolution that eventually culminated in Egypt’s independence from Britain.

The “I Got Ink” campaign continues through the end of tomorrow, until the last man or woman has cast their vote on the second day of Egypt’s presidential elections.

So if you haven’t already dyed your finger, do it tomorrow, and get yourself a nice treat as a reward.

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