Absurd 24 Carat Gold-Plated iPads to Sell for $5,500

electronics, technology, Steve Jobs, iPad 3, Apple, natural resources, Gold, Gulf, Oil, Gold and Co. London encases electronics in 24 carat gold-plating; their best market? The Gulf, naturally.

It’s impossible and rude to speak for the dead, but we find it hard to believe that Steve Jobs would have wanted anything he designed covered in gold. But this is the Gulf and we’ve seen stranger things, including a white gold Mercedes and water bottles covered in swarovski crystals. Gold and Co. London will display their 24 carat gold-plated iPad3 at Damas Jewelry at the Dubai Mall, after which it will be auctioned for charity.

A hot item

Damas Jewelry will be the exclusive dealer of these elitist iPad 3s worth a cool $5,500. We don’t have money like that to burn, but apparently a substantial number of Emiratis have already placed their orders.

Last year’s gold iPad 2s sold out within 6 months, according to The National. We wonder if they are as disposable to oil-rich Emiratis as regular electronics are to the average American, if these are the same customers fighting to get their hands on the next generation?

In case it isn’t obvious, gold is one of the most scarce natural resources on earth.

The website Gold and Precious Metals estimates that only between 120,000 and 140,000 tonnes of gold – equivalent to less than the length of a tennis court has ever been produced. That’s it. And rich folk dare to cover tablets that will be obsolete within the year in this precious resource?

A marketing campaign?

Gold’s rarity is precisely what makes it so valuable, but until recently it was less expensive than platinum. According to a recent Forbes report, gold prices have surpassed those of platinum – something they call “really scary.”

The first golden iPad3 will be auctioned off and the proceeds donated to charity. Although somewhat laudable, this smacks like a tasteless marketing campaign for an obscenely-priced product launched at the expense of less privileged individuals.

The charities that will benefit from the proceeds have not yet been announced, nor has the auction date, The National reports.

Amjad Ali, Gold and Co’s CEO, is hopeful that they will sell at least 250 of their latest product. Other gold-encrusted electronics in their repertoire include the Blackberry 9000 and iPhone 4s (the latter sold for $4,349.)

Sigh. Our elders are probably rolling in their graves. Except the Pharaohs, who are placing their orders from the underworld.

:: The National

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