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Dubai-based initiative My Ex Wardrobe for selling and buying womens clothes

In today’s world, the privileged among us tend to live in a world of endless possibilities: endless food, endless clothes, even endless travel destinations. Some of these are great (the travel options) but some things are better in small doses to avoid waste.

One day Sian Rowland living in Dubai was clearing out her wardrobe when she realised just how much excess clothes she had. Things she no longer wore, skirts that didn’t fit and dresses with the label still on. Most woman have found themselves in this situation with more shops that we can keep up with and all too easy access to fashion, most woman (and men too) will find themselves only wearing 20 percent of the many item that crowd their ever-expanding wardrobes.

It was then that Sian and two of her sisters Teagan and Becky, all now living in Dubai, decided to start the initiative “My Ex Wardrobe” which in their own words: not only allows people to de-clutter their wardrobes but gives clothes a second chance at happiness.

The concept is very simple; you donate clothes that you no longer need or want. The sisters check to make sure all items are in good condition. They value them and sell them on behalf of the original owner. The seller keeps all the proceeds with My Ex Wardrobe just charging a small admin fee.

This is a great way to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Re-own with the prospect of getting a bargain too.

The three sisters
buy my ex wardrobe dubai

Buying second hand clothing (some still with the tags on), woman are reducing consumerism and in turn decreasing their carbon footprint. Every new item of clothing one purchase has a life-cycle carbon footprint figure attached to it, from its manufacturing process, transport, packaging, as well as the energy consumption of the final retail outlet.

By selling items through My Ex Wardrobe, one is in essence halving the carbon footprint of the item. And let’s face it – there is nothing more fun than shopping and doing good to the environment all at once.

Their first event took place in May 2011 and was by invite only. Today they have monthly events with over 1000 items for sale.

For more information on upcoming events or to trade in your garb: All the details of can be found on their Facebook page, and will soon all be available on their upcoming website:

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