Coin-Covered Car in Dubai “Recycles” Nearly $6,000

 This flashy car gives a whole new meaning to recycling! Image via Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Reflecting the Emirati obsession with flashy cars, a Pakistani man has painstakingly coated a Chevrolet Camaro with thousands of “recycled” coins worth nearly $6,000. A longtime resident of the United Arab Emirates, Tarek Javaid has put 3,000 hours into the project since October last year, using 33,000 coins and 22 pounds of glue, according to Gulf News.

Javaid told the paper that he wants to donate the car to the UAE as part of the country’s 40th National Day celebration. Starting Tuesday, Dubai residents can catch a glimpse of this shiny mobile made up of  Dh1, 50 fils, 25 fils, 10 fils, 5 fils and 1 fils coins at Al Ghandi Auto on Shaikh Zayed Road. Far less obnoxious than the solid gold Mercedes, this costly Camaro will eventually become a museum relic.

Visit Gulf News for more information about the coin-covered car, which is revving up for Guinness World Records recognition.

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