Recycled Furniture by Lebanon’s Niloufar Afnan

recycled furniture, "upcycled royal stool"Long live the queen, if she can manage to sit on Niloufar Afnan’s recycled ‘Royal Stool’.

At this year’s New Designers Exhibition in London, Lebanese-born designer Niloufar Afnan decided to poke a little fun at the royal family and demonstrate the possibilities of upcycled furniture.  She exhibited Royal Stool (pictured above) and 46 (shown after the jump) – two furniture pieces that show the possibilities of reusing found objects.  Both pieces are made from found furniture parts and scrap materials that Afnan collected and assembled in new ways, showing us that with a little creativity and problem solving even broken items can be functional again.

The Royal Stool is made of a British Royal Mall bag that is draped over a plastic bucket and secured with a ring that holds it in place.  Alternatively, the bag could be placed over any other type of found object to turn it into a stool.

"upcycled leg table"The 46 table is made out of 46 discarded table legs that have been cut to approximately the same size and melded together.  (Afnan’s concept here is somewhat similar to Reddish Studio’s upcycled menorah, made of different sized found candlesticks.)

As opposed to other tables, where the surface of the table is the focal point, Afnan’s 46 table shifts all the attention to the table legs.

"repurposed wood table"A recent graduate of the furniture design program at Central St. Martin’s University in London, we can’t wait to see what else Afnan will make out of the discarded items she finds on the streets of London.

Perhaps her next project will be a chair.  On the subject of discarded chairs, Afnan writes that “to create new functions or new forms of present chairs, reveals interesting relationships we trangress to our objects.  Whether we chose to discard or to re-arrange, our chairs occupy great space in our habits.”

:: Niloufar Afnan

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