Godspeed Sustainable Design Team Does Pop Up Shop in Jaffa

"trash coffee table"A team of two designers, Godspeed, will be creating furniture from raw and trashed materials in Jaffa within the framework of a single hour.

Pop-up stores may not sound like the most sustainable ventures, but the pop-up shop that will open in Jaffa on December 1st and feature the work of the Godspeed design team will be a little bit different.  Firstly, it will be situated at an existing location, Hasadna (a local design workshop).  And secondly, the items for sale in the shop will not be shipped from far away – rather, they will be created on the spot, with no item taking longer than an hour to produce.  Oh, and most of the materials used to create Godspeed’s design items will be trash.

"trash candle holder"Godspeed is a two-person design team that started in Tel Aviv on Christmas Eve in 2008 when Joy van Erven and Finn Ahlgren met.  Ever since, the team has strived to make statements about contemporary design and implementing its innovative ideas.

In the designers’ own words, “an unorthodox mentality and choice of unconventional materials opposed to the high style and form based world of design resulted in a conceptual designing company with a down to earth approach.”

Godspeed uses mostly raw, scrap materials, including trash.  The table above is humorously titled “Trash Coffee Table”, and the candlesticks to the right are “Trash Candleholders.”  “Humor, straight forwardness, witty comments and solutions are significant to Godspeed’s style,” the designers write.

In producing every piece themselves, Godspeed emphasizes the human aspect of their items and hopes to “offer a different perspective on daily life.”

"wood trash lamp"Godspeed will be setting up their Jaffa pop-up shop alongside Hasadna for 150 days, between December 1st and May 1st.  They will be creating items such as home furnishings, light fixtures, and products for the home.

: Godspeed
: Hasadna

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