Going Green for Your Wedding – 3 Reasons For the Earth

green muslim weddingNot a die-hard environmentalist and need other reasons for going nuptially green? Read on.

If you are newly engaged and contemplating your ideal wedding,consider this: if every couple in the world made just one small green choice – and we’ve given you at least seven simple and chic ways to do it already – there would be millions of greener weddings in the world with a noteworthy reduction in our collective carbon footprint.

For example, in the US alone, Greenbrideguide.com estimates that the 2.5 million weddings a year produce an average of 62 tons of carbon dioxide and 400-600 lbs of garbage. Weddings in the Middle East may look a lot different from country to country from their western counterparts, but the problems from this billion dollar industry exist globally.

That’s because these celebrations add up to a lot of waste after the event is over: from single-use dresses for brides, to paper invitations, to diamonds and jewels harvested under questionable circumstances, to the toxic beauty rituals, how we tie the knot could use a makeover.

But wait – the benefits are more than environmental.

Here are three additional reasons for why making your wedding day green is timely, chic and sensible.

1. Economically Smart: Greening your wedding day is first and foremost a way to save money.

Financially speaking, many families are stressed by costs can rival that of a third world country’s budget. I’ve heard of too many couples mortgaging their houses to host a big party, friends who complained about money spent on pre-wedding parties and gifts, or families caught in unpleasant discussions about who needs to pay for what. Going green by following just one or two of the green wedding suggestions can add up to significant greenbacks left in your wallet.

2. Socially Conscious: Greening your wedding day is a way to inspire your family and guests and feel good about making and difference and setting an example at the same time.

According to GreenBrideGuide.com, “Having a green wedding is an opportunity to make a difference by supporting companies that actively incorporate social and environmental responsibility into the way they do business. When you start talking to vendors about green choices, and explain your choices to your guests, you support the green economy and change the way people in your community think. You can showcase how easy it is to be eco-chic and share your favorite eco-friendly products with your guests.”

Fashionable and conscious make good bedfellows for your starting your married life together.

3. Memory Rich: Greening your wedding day is a way to reveal the uniqueness of your love and relationship.

Each wedding is a joyful, unique celebration, at least to the couple tying the knot. The rest of us can be honest and say that after a while, all those weddings, with rare exception, blur into one memory of food, dancing, and celebrating.

One reason people may plan extravagant weddings is to make them stand out in our memory banks, but do the consequences to your pocket book and the planet really make that worthwhile? Try another point of view and create a wedding that leaves a lasting impression for everyone who attends but not on the planet.

For more ideas about how to bring a little green into your day of love, we suggest you read 7 ways to green your wedding day.

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