Jerusalem Design Week Uses Design to Heat Our Reactions to Climate Change

"bamboo bench design"Jerusalem’s second annual Design Week will generate awareness of climate change through design and show off some local sustainable designers.

Jerusalem will host the grand opening of its second annual Design Week on December 4th, with a week of design exhibitions, conferences, master classes, cinema events and workshops planned for a variety of audiences.  The exhibitions will touch on a few design issues.  Culture Climate, curated by Alfons Hug, will attempt to use design to create more empathy towards the global issue of climate change.  Time 02 Fervency, the central exhibit, will focus on designs created within a short period of time and feature some local sustainable designs, such as the work of Adi Zaffran Weisler (of upcycled bullet jewelry fame) and Joy van Erven of Godspeed (the speedy design team that makes all its pieces within one hour).

The Culture Climate exhibition is based on the idea that climate change is a cultural change, in addition to being a political and social change.  Despite the fact that climate change effects us all, however, the issue has been objectified over the past century and is currently presented in the form of cold, distant facts. 

Culture Climate hopes to “elevate the aesthetic temperature of the climate crisis in order to renew our sensual bond with the most significant global change of our time and for the following generations.”  The exhibit will include works by Simon Faithfull, Michael Sailstorfer, Raynold Raynolds, Gudio van der Werve, and more.

"trash table design"Time 02 Fervency, on the other hand, focuses on works created within a limited time frame and includes the creations of 15 designers.  Tal Gur, the a designer and the curator of the exhibit, explained that “I looked for designers whose work was marked by a sort of ‘fever’, or those able to come up with the goods within a short time.”

Situated in the basement of Jerusalem’s former Hansen leper hospital, the exhibition showcases the designs of Adi Zaffran Weisler, Gal Ben Arav (whose bamboo bench is pictured at top), and Joy van Erven of Godspeed (whose trash table is pictured above).

Jerusalem Design Week will take place between December 4th – 9th, 2011.

: Jerusalem Design Week
: Haaretz

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