10 Upcycled Paper Cypress Trees to Be Built as Part of Interfaith Ecological Celebration

"plastic bottle tree"We already know what plastic bottle trees look like, how will 10 newspaper trees look?

For Christmas last year, Israeli artist Hadas Itzcovitch gifted her city of Haifa a tree made from 5480 upcycled plastic bottles (pictured above).  Constructed immediately after the disastrous Carmel region fires broke out and destroyed so many trees, Itzcovitch’s tree was a symbol of the community’s hope for a greener future.  In a few weeks she will be building another set of 10 green cypress trees, this time as a celebration of the Baha’i gardens in Haifa and of the city’s interfaith residents.

But she will not be building these trees alone.  Itzcovitch intends to bring the infrastructure for the trees alone – 10 timber bases – and encourage local residents to come help her construct the trees using upcycled newspapers.

The construction of Itzcovitch’s trees, which will take place on Friday October 21st, is part of a larger eco-celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Baha’i gardens and the city’s interfaith nature.

In addition to the live music and performances that will take place, workshops will also be held by City Tree and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI).  Upcycling artists will also be selling their eco-friendly products such as repurposed fabric bags, jewelry made from natural stones, and organic soap.

The 10 trees will be, in Itzcovitch’s words, a “direct continuation of the Baha’i gardens into the German Colony” where the festivities are located.

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