Middle East Leaders To Launch Green Hajj Guide At House Of Lords

hajj mecca It’s taken Muslims 1432 years, but they finally have the beginnings of a guide to greening Hajj

From the first ever “cleansing”[1] pilgrimage to Makkah in 628CE by the Prophet Muhammad of Islam, peace be upon him, to last year’s environmental policies for Hajj put into place by the Saudi government, there has been greater action by activists wanting a cleaner Hajj. But there is no standard guide. Now, eco Muslims and Middle Eastern leaders are changing that.

More revolutionary eco-steps for the Muslim pilgrimage have been initiated recently. In November 2010, a high speed train known as the Makkah Metro was launched to cut down carbon emissions. The holy Zam Zam water is to bottled and distributed in Madinah, and pilgrims showed solidarity by cycling to Makkah from their homeland in South Africa.

This year another historical gathering is taking place at the House of Lords to launch an official worldwide guide to a greener Hajj.

Omar Faruq, one of the internet’s first “eco Muslims”, is headlining a Towards A Green Hajj conference for the 14th September, 2011, along with Middle Eastern Leaders.

Speakers from Kuwait, Oman and Jordan will attend the seminar including Khalid Al-Duwaisan, Abdul Aziz Al Hinai, Advisor of GM Social Responsibility Fund at Ministry of Social Affairs and Mazan Kemal Mahmoud Houmoud.

Ambassadors from South East Asia will represent the launch of the guide to introduce into Morocco, Kosovo and Nepal.

The Lord Marland, Britain’s Under Secretary of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change, will co-host the seminar and launch the official guide with details.

What to expect
While some incredible environmental ideas have materialised for the pilgrimage, there is speculation as to what the green guide to Hajj will include.

Solar panelling and reusable drinking water bottles have already taken a firm role; we expect to hear details on cleaner travel arrangements and health procedures to prevent contagious diseases such as 2009’s Hajj swine flu outbreak.

Green Prophet will keep you updated.

:: Ecomuslim

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[1] After re-entering his birthplace of Makkah, Prophet Muhammad of Islam made a historical “cleansing” pilgrimage by destroying the stone idols the Kabah was adorned with, thereby restoring a monotheistic faith.

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