Ramadan: The Time To Go Green Is Now


As the holy Islamic month of fasting approaches, why not prepare for a greener Ramadan now? There are literally a couple of days left till Ramadan starts, so I want to make a last ditch attempt to encourage Muslims to go green in the holy month of fasting. Whilst Tafline explored the darker side of […]

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Going Green In Your Home

Potted plants, green cleaning products and ventilation are part of your “green” indoors. In the last thirty years, there has been a lot discussion about our environment and pollution. However, most of this pollution has been referring to what goes on outdoors. Only recently, the international scientific community has become concerned about the contamination of […]

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A Green Guide to Home Cleaning Products

Rebecca points out some essential and basic “green” cleaners for the house – for wood, the kitchen sink and even the toilet bowl. Cleaning out the house is not everyone’s favourite job, but with all the different products available on the supermarket shelves, it can also be an expensive one. Here are a few tips […]

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