Finally, Eco Friendly Shoes for Men

"vegetable tanned leather"Finally, some eco-friendly shoes for the fashionable green men out there.

We’ve seen an abundance of eco-friendly shoes here on Green Prophet of late – from Sharon Golan’s mix-and-match Shell 256 shoes to Daniela Bekerman’s “ze o ze” shoes that let you change the heels to fit your mood.  But what’s an eco-friendly man to do?  Go barefoot?

Thanks to a small-scale production leatherwork co-op in Tel Aviv, he doesn’t have to any more.  Introducing 100% natural, vegetable tanned leather sandals with a recycled rubber sole. (And they’re stylish too.)

This four-person co-op does all of the production and administration involved with creating the sandals, and this allows them to have full control over what goes into the shoes.  Only natural Italian leather is used, and no dyes or artificial substances.

The leather is also vegetable-tanned, which means that it avoids the usage of environmentally damaging chemical tanners.

"eco friendly sandal"The sandals are sold via Apolis, a company that believes that the “most valuable practice in creating lasting change is by investing in people.  It is people who are the innovators, the advocates, and the revolutionaries.  Apolis is a platform for a network of global citizens who are empowering people through opportunity.”

"leather work tools"On the co-op that makes the sandals, Shea Parton, co-founder of Apolis, says that “they understand the importance of carefully sourcing their materials, an approach which continues to be a central part of their business, enabling them to truly appreciate what goes in to each pair of handcrafted sandals.  We hope you wear them well.”

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  1. Love this idea! Nice to see vegetable tanned leather being used, it’s far superior to any other ways of tanning leather and is good for the environment too!

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