Skins Footware is Skinny on the Resources

eco-chic shoes Skins Footware Gucci Stella McCartney Israeli designerImagine being able to buy ten pairs of shoes and only spend the resources (both natural and financial) necessary for half that many.  Sounds like every eco chic woman‘s dream, right?  Eco chic or not, every woman knows that you need those perfect going out shoes for evenings, elegant ballet flats for the office, sneakers for the gym, trendy sneakers for walking around the city…. and the list goes on.  But having that many pairs of shoes isn’t exactly easy on the environment, and therein lies the rub.

The solution?  Transform one pair of shoes into endless pairs of shoes.

Israeli designed footware line, Skins Footware, offers that exact solution so that women everywhere (the chic ones, the eco chic ones, and those in between) can feel physically and mentally comfortable in their own shoes.  And with Israeli entrepreneur Mark Klein handling the promotion angle and Kobi Levi, a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, handling the design – you can be sure that these shoes and their endless possibilities will be coming soon to a shoe store near you.

The concept is simple: create a sole base (the bone) upon which endless models of shoe tops (skins) can be placed.  The skins are lightweight, so you can put a few in your bag if you need to change shoe looks in the middle of the day (you ladies all know what I’m talking about).  And it is easy enough for anyone aged 7 to 70 to do.  Take a look:


Okay, so it sounds good in theory, but you’re probably thinking that with all of the technology and transformation involved – these shoes can’t be very stylish.  Think again.  Gucci and Stella McCartney have already expressed interest in this hot new concept.  Which just goes to show that being chic and being green can comfortably go hand in hand.  (Or, in this case, foot in shoe.)

:: Haaretz

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