Change Your Shoes With the Click of a Heel

"change design shoe"Click your heels three times and say: there’s no thing like eco-fashion!

Eco designers (and designers who are interested in fun and whimsy) have been tackling the shoe issue for some time, finding ways to make them both more sustainable and versatile.  Big shoe titans like Nike have created shoe recycling programs in order to minimize the carbon footprint of their footwear, and other smaller designers have found ways to extend usage and minimize resources with their shoe designs.  Last week we saw Sharon Golan’s Shell 256 shoes that could be transformed in 256 different ways, and now we are looking at the work of another Israeli designer – Daniela Bekerman – who also has a thing for shoes.

Her modular shoe design is called “ze o ze”, which means “this or that” in Hebrew.  And that’s exactly what you get – you can have this heel or that heel with her design, depending on how you’re feeling on any given day.

Every day you can choose one of five heel designs for a different look, without all the resources involved in creating an entirely different shoe.  The basic shoe is a flat ballet-type slipper, but modular heel attachments in different styles transform the shoe to create very different looks.

"modular design shoe"Freshly graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Bekerman loves “resolving problems through design and sometimes just creating and designing for fun.”  If only all designers saved resources in such fun ways!

: Daniela Beckerman

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  1. Karen Chernick says:

    Absolutely! We should propose the idea to Mr. Manolo Blahnik…

  2. Aviva Weisgal says:

    Brilliant! I think that this should be sent to Sara Jessica Parker, her character on Sex in the City would be able to save some bucks…

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