Stray Pups Cooked Alive in China

pupyy cooked chinaHot dog! Puppy gets cooked alive. Animal cruelty at its worst!

Examples of cruelty towards animals are easy to find these days where in the Middle East stray dogs getting shot on sight in Beirut Lebanon, and there is abuse towards animals imported for circus performances. The most cruelty to animals, to man’s best friend, was picked up by Treehugger environmental news website, where  stray puppies are being cooked alive and eaten by people in eastern China.

This story deals with the pup being lured to the person doing the cooking by an offer of a morsel of food, which the starving animal could not pass up.  The poor creature is them grabbed, impaled on a tong, and literally cooked alive. How the person doing this can disregard the animal’s screams and squirming while being roasted is beyond  this writer.

In many parts of the world, dogs, and even cats are consumed as food – especially in eastern Asia. But to cook the creature while it is still alive is a form of cruelty that goes way beyond human decency, and is a practice that should have been relegated to the Dark Ages.

See how cooked dog is done here

But look at China. Aren’t people supposed to be living by moral codes, with compassion to the creatures of this planet. Look at how much attention is given to saving pandas, a Chinese national symbol.  On the other hand, China is a world market for shark fins caught in the Middle East, rhino horns, and tiger bones.

One might say that this is no worse than that of  boiling crabs and lobsters alive in Western countries, or dropping chickens while still alive into scalding hot water by commercial poultry processing plants.

Lebanese stray dog: not food, but still targeted.

In the Middle East, animals like dogs and cats are not used for food: for in Muslim countries, many people consider even owning a dog to be “Haraam” or forbidden in Islam.

Judaism forbids the eating of an animal while it is still alive.

One can only hope this practice is not widespread; for there’s no telling where it can lead to. What’s next in the pot – monkeys? So much for animal rights.

Photo: 7SUR7

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11 thoughts on “Stray Pups Cooked Alive in China”

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  2. I don’t even understand how I ended up here, but I assumed this put up was once good. I do not recognize who you might be however definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already. Cheers!

  3. Alan says:

    Horrible practise, gypsyeyes email me plz

  4. Filio says:

    Chinese are good only when they are dead , animal sadists and child abusers

  5. This is the horror of horrors. I posted my article on it at Cruelty to dogs and all animals must stop.

  6. gypsyeyes69 says:

    It appears it’s open slather in regard to animals & the way they are treated! It’s been a well known fact that Dog is a Delicassey in China, for years now…So far as cooking them alive is Abominable! As you say it maybe considered no worse than the boiling of Crabs & Lobsters alive in boiling water…Actually they are usually placed in cold fresh water first, this then kills them & then they are cooked in whatever fashion…That’s if you are aware of how to correctly cook Shellfish etc and these Creatures of the ocean aren’t warm blooded that give us Affection and Love to us so called humane beings…I find it a Shocking Act of Gross In-Humaneness to a Domestic Animal! Even Cattle sent over to Unskilled Workers to be slaughtered in Indonesia from Australia is just as bad…These poor Bovines are Terrified & their Adrenilan is sent right throughout their bodies, when slaughtered in Fear! The consumers then eat the meat Tainted! Why on earth do people or government’s allow this to go on? Is it because of Culture differences? Every human has a Conscience Choice and knows wrong from right, maybe a case of “Immunity to Pain and Suffering”.. Inflicted on Animals, Domestic or not and Desperation to make a living, is the reason for their actions, or due to Ignorance? Or they are told that the meat is tastier? Who really knows why people do the things they do? Everyone is different and people “Kill and Torture” each other everyday, without a second thought! It appears anything is open slather without a second thought…”May The Almighty Have Mercy On Us All”

    1. Ihatechinesepeople says:

      You sound stupid stfu with that shit Im going to end this Chinese abbusers

      1. Ihatechinesepeople says:

        I hate Chinese people

  7. Amoda Maa Jeevan says:

    This is horrific. I pray that these people have a moment of heart-opening where they gain a glimpse of the suffering they perpetuate.

  8. Makes me gag thinking of this. How horrible.

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