The Early Bird Gets The Sun: Save €400 On May MENASOL Conference In Morocco

solucar-csp-plantAs solar energy becomes a more widespread reality and lessons are uncovered, conferences allow stakeholders to get the learned scoop.

Given that Morocco has the highest concentration of solar power in the MENA region, it is appropriate that the country should host this year’s third annual MENASOL conference on May 4-5. These two days comprise the single most important conference for solar stakeholders interested in exploiting the region’s limitless solar reserves to attend. With over 350 leading experts expected to attend, and presentations that demystify everything from regulations to regional technology preferences, this year’s conference should attract its widest audience yet.  The conference will lay out the details of exploiting solar energy that can either be used locally, or exported to the EU. The following issues are among those that will be addressed:

  • Regulations: how and when governments will support solar projects and how best to enter the market;
  • Finance: what national and international investors are interested in funding solar energy projects;
  • Domestic market: which countries are particularly concerned to increase their alternative energy generation and what are their unique specifications;
  • Export to EU: lays out the behind-the-scenes challenges of DESERTEC, Med-Grid and MSP, as well as unearths transmission feasibility, utility interest and political support.
  • CSP vs. PV: learn which technology is most appropriate based on local environmental factors;
  • Manufacturing: finding manufacturers of the latest technology at affordable prices is often difficult, but stakeholders will have an opportunity to connect with the best.

The conference will be opened with a presentation led by Her Excellency Annie Benkhadra – Morocco’s Minister of Energy, Mines, Water & Environment – the official partner of the MENASOL conference. Also worth attending are UNESCO workshops and other addresses by more than forty top speakers.

Download the brochure for a detailed list of expected attendees, and contact Heidi Hafes for further information:  [email protected]; T: +44 207 375 7206 / +1 814 3459 ex 7206

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