Eilat-Eilot Conference: The Ins & Outs Of Renewable Energy In Israel

eilat-eilot-renewable-energyEverybody who is anybody in Israel’s renewable energy business ought to attend this event.

There has never been a more critical time in human history. The recent storms in America, and Australia’s cyclone – freak events which Bill McKibben says will now be a part of everyday life – are directly related to our unhealthy appetite for fossil fuels. Now is the time to detox, and to elevate the role of renewables. Since our oil dependence is so deeply entrenched, it is important to suss out the economics and politics behind energy. Despite the natural gas party and attempts to extract oil shale, Israel is fairly committed to alternative energy sources. Attend the Eilat-Eilot Conference to learn more about laws, subsidies, and more.

The upcoming conference in Eilat, which will be held at the Herods and Dan Hotels in Eilat between 22-24 February, 2011, is a must for anyone interested in promoting renewable energy in Israel, and the world.

On the first day, the main plenary session titled Do We See the Light – The Chances of Meeting Israeli Government Renewable Energy Goals will be chaired by Dr. Eitan Yudilevech, the executive director of the US-Israel BIRD Foundation. This will highlight most of the ongoing renewable energy projects in the country.

Other important topics to be explored throughout include government-mandated targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, substitutes for oil, as well as solar tenders and solar zoning.

The details of a recently approved $400m government-sponsored program for promoting the development of alternative fuel sources in Israel as well as a $15.5m joint investment between the Israeli government and private investors from the Capital Nature Ventures to open a technology development center in the Arava will be announced.

This plenary session will include a discussion of the Israeli government’s role in creating incentives for renewable energy projects including subsidies for suppliers of renewable energy.

It will also be debated whether investment assistance programs that improved the information and communication technology sectors can be applicable to green energy technologies.

The fourth annual conference will consolidate knowledge-sharing and ensure that all members of the renewable energy industry are up to speed on important nationwide developments.

Registration information for the conference is available at www.eilatenergy.org/registration.

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