Greenpeace Activists In Jerusalem Protest Plans To Build Coal-Fired Power Plant

Greenpeace protests plans to build another coal-fired power plant in Israel

No it’s not Spiderman and friends, just green activists trying to call attention to the environmental impact of coal-burning power plants.

Greenpeace went to great heights yesterday to express opposition to plans for a new coal-burning power plant in Israel. Five Greenpeace activists scaled the cables of the Chords Bridge at the entrance to Jerusalem and hung a huge banner (44 square meters) imploring Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Stop the coal plant.

Israel currently generates nearly all of its electricity from imported fossil fuels – coal (60-65%), natural gas and crude oil. Efforts to transition from coal to natural gas, a greener solution, received a boost with the recent discovery of substantial off-shore reserves of natural gas. The Israeli government has also set a goal of generating 5% of the country’s electricity needs from renewable energy in 2014 and 10% in 2020. (Today, renewable energy accounts for less than 1%.) The projected mix of renewable energy in 2020 includes: about 49% solar, 30% wind and 21% biofuel.

Greenpeace is not the only opponent of the proposed coal-fired plant. The Ministry of Environment also says: “The construction of a new coal-fired power plant in Israel would present a health and environmental hazard due to the high pollutant emissions and low energy efficiency of such a station compared to stations fired by natural gas.”

Image via Greenpeace

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