Dubai Gets Its First “Green” Gas Station

dubai-green-petrol-stationEnoc collects fuel vapors and incorporates other green elements into Dubai residential filling station.

Last September, Dubai ran short on gas, while other Gulf countries re-evaluated their long term energy plan as a result of looming peak oil. Now The National reports that Dubai has installed a “green” petrol station that not only captures and recycles harmful vapor emissions, but incorporates other “eco” features, including a friendlier car wash.

Increasing costs by 20%, the new Emirates National Oil Company (Enoc) station located in The Meadows, a residential complex, is worth the small improvements it makes.

The technology provided by TST electronics captures fuel vapors, transfers them to an underground pressure system, and then converts the vapors back into liquefied fuel.

In two months, this saved 22,000 liters in addition to sparing the environmental hazard caused by the interaction of those vapors and the atmosphere.

Only three other stations in the Gulf region are currently using this technology, according to the paper, though it is mandatory in Europe.

Enoc’s CEO told The National that given their 6,000 employees and 30 subsidiaries, the company has a large environmental impact. The filling station represents a small gesture to mitigate that.

Other features have been incorporated, including LED lighting, solar-powered signs, on-site recycling bins, and a car wash that recycles its water.

Although Enoc’s filling station does not provide the final solution, their implied sense of responsibility is unprecedented in the Gulf region. If even they are willing to acknowledge the importance of sparing energ and water, and of reducing harmful emissions, then other individuals and organizations may be empowered to follow suit.

:: The National

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