Hunky Surfer Calendar Raises Money and Awareness for EcoOcean and Surfing4Peace

"surfer water conservation israel"New 2011 calendar proves that water conservation can be hunky.

One young Swede who recently immigrated to Israel, and was perhaps unaccustomed to the beautiful Mediterranean beaches, decided that the breathtaking body of water deserves all the conservation efforts it can get.  And so she recently embarked on a project to raise money for two organizations that work towards keeping Israeli beaches cleanEcoOcean and Surfing4Peace.  Instead of following usual fundraising tactics, Rebecca Kopelman decided to produce a calendar with 12 up-and-coming Israeli (and hunky) surfers (check out exhibit A in the pic above… let’s call him October).

"ecoocean surfer israel calendar"The project was Rebecca’s brainchild, and she decided to “bring together a unique group of Israeli talent to collaborate, not for money, but for peace and clean waters.”

All of the people involved in creating the calendar (including photographer Dani Miller) volunteered their time and expertise, and all of the proceeds will go towards supporting EcoOcean and Surfing4Peace.

"surfing peace israel mediterranean"EcoOcean is an Israeli non-profit organization that acts to maintain a healthy eastern Mediterranean and Red Sea, and believes that education and research are the best tools for treating marine ecological problems.  Surfing4Peace is a cross-border cooperation initiative that hopes to bridge cultural and political barriers between surfers in the Middle East.

The limited edition 2011 calendars will be launched tonight at the Shesek Bar in Tel Aviv, and can be purchased afterwards via the project’s Facebook page.

For more information about the calendar, visit the “A Year with the Surfers” Facebook page.

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  1. I’ll admit that I mostly wanted to see the pictures (:D), which were not at all disappointing, though what is the second guy doing with his hand? Great story, though, and great initiative. Many thanks.

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