EcoOcean Hosts Series of Marine Ecology Lectures

EcoOcean founder Andreas Weil

EcoOcean founder Andreas Weil

EcoOcean, an Israeli non-profit organization that acts to maintain a healthy eastern Mediterranean and Red Sea, believes that education and research are the main tools for treating marine ecological problems. Education is a “tool that contributes to reinforcing the connection between man and his surroundings.”

As such, EcoOcean is hosting a lecture series on the last Wednesday of every month in order to educate the local population about marine issues.

The lectures will be open to the general public and delivered by leading experts in the field of marine research.  The subjects will include: the condition of the Mediterranean and the means of preserving it, marine wildlife, the connection between man and nature, and marine voyages.

The following lectures have already been scheduled:

  • Dolphins, whales and other beasts of the sea, October 27th, 2010, Dr. Aviad Sheinin (Head of Machmali)
  • Bubbling up: underwater diving and photography, November 24th, 2010, Amir Gur (author of “Under Water”)
  • Treasures from the abyss: archaeological underwater excavation of ancient vessels, December 29th, 2010, Dr. Ya’akov Kahanov (Haifa University)
  • Last chance to sea: nature preservation in the Mediterranean, January 26th, 2011, Dr. Ruthy Yahel (National Parks Authority)
  • Intruders, extinctions and other troubles, February 23rd, 2011, Dr. Gil Rilov (Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research)
  • Sailing yachts as a profession, March 30th, 2011, Ethan Kravchik (Ruppin College) and Yair Suari (Bar Ilan University)
  • Life on another world: the geothermal vents of the deep, April 27th, 2011, Dr. Giai Yahel (Ruppin College)
  • Noah and the flood: global warming and massive floods, May 25th, 2011, Professor Yossi Marf (Ruppin College)
  • Energy, man and sea: environmental conflicts in energy production, June 22nd, 2011, Dr. Anat Glazer (Israeli Electric Company)

The series is definitely in keeping with EcoOcean’s goal, which is “to make people more aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy and vibrant marine environment, motivate them to act and enjoy such an environment, and affect decision makers to promote legislation towards protecting it for the future.”

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