Comet-ME Continues to Bring Power to Villagers in the South Hebron Hills

Bill Clinton congratulating Elan Orian on Comet-ME's work

Comet-ME co-founder Elad Orian gets a supportive handshake from Bill Clinton.  

It is indeed exciting to report on mammoth solar projects, gigantic desalination plants and world-embracing electric car developments, but the Green Prophet – in the spirit of the biblical prophets one might say – also takes special pleasure in sharing news about individuals and communities that are working to make the world better one small step at a time. Comet-ME (Middle East), an Israeli-Palestinian partnership working to bring renewable energy (solar and wind power) to impoverished Palestinians in the southern Hebron hills, is one of these compelling projects. 

In its December newsletter, Comet (an acronym for Community Energy Technology) describes its latest two projects: a 1 KW solar system and 1KW wind turbine in the community of Wadi Gkheish, an isolated community of 50 people located south of the Jewish settlement of Susiya; and a 1.6 KW solar system in Beer al-Eid, a community of four families. Comet has now completed a total of 11 installations, providing 100 KW daily to 1,000 people.

 In the newsletter, Comet’s co-founder Elad Orian also shares some of his impressions from the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative in September. The meeting took place in New York City – quite a different setting than Comet’s area of activity in the West Bank. Orian: “Probably most important for us was getting to meet and talk to various other groups around the world doing renewable rural electrification, which was very interesting and humbling, seeing all these people who have been working on the issues for much longer. We do hope to form some long term partnerships to share knowledge and maybe implement joint projects.”

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