California’s Hara Could Cut a Staggering 12 Terawatt Hours of Energy Waste in Abu Dhabi

abu dhabi islam designCA’s software solution, Hara, could to save billions in energy for Abu Dhabi.

The national power company in Abu Dhabi has committed to find ways to drastically slash its energy use, using carbon accounting software made by California-based carbon accounting firm Hara, which makes software to measure existing energy use and carbon footprint, and to develop strategies and models to reduce it.

Michael Kanellos is reporting that Abu Dhabi Water and Electric Power Authority stands to save 3 billion dollars and 12 Terawatt hours of energy (12,000 Gigawatt hours) over the next ten years, by reductions in energy consumption, with the help of Hara software.

Hara provides organizations with a complete carbon reduction service, with software to weigh the costs and benefits at each step. The software covers everything a company needs to lower energy use, from the initial tallying of all the current energy use, and resulting carbon emissions, all the way to the solution.

It does this by offering alternative science-based options for energy reductions, with cost/benefit ratios for each action and degree of implementation, that each organization can tweak in various combinations to determine the most economical and most effective reductions – for their case.

This kind of carbon accounting software helps companies weigh the advantages and disadvantages of various on-site renewable energy options, and energy efficiency options, and make their best choices. For organizations with multiple sites, it provides the cost/benefit analysis tailored to each site’s individual local conditions.

The entire process is open for input by all interested parties within the organization making the reductions, to ensure that implementation of actual specific carbon and energy reductions is getting the results needed, and ongoing monitoring and management to ensure that future decision-making continues to be optimal for continuing the reductions.

Carbon accounting is becoming more widespread in the Middle East. Although not a local carbon accounting firm, Hara’s groundbreaking energy accounting software is an excellent choice by Abu Dhabi, and further cements the small non-oil producing nation’s reputation for attempting to address the fundamentally unsustainable nature of heavily oil-dependent desert cities with visionary city planning.

To date, Hara customers have included Aerojet, Akamai, City of Las Vegas, City of Palo Alto, City of Philadelphia, Coca-Cola, Diebold, Hasbro, Intuit and Safeway.  The company is funded by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, JAFCO, and Nth Power.

Image: Imre Solt


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