Lebanese Auto Dealer Signs On To Eliminate Its Carbon Footprint


Knowing how much carbon dioxide your company is producing is the first step to reducing it. Good news from this sphere in Lebanon: the Rasamny-Younis Motor Company (RYMCO), an exclusive dealer of Nissan Motors, GM vehicles (GMC), Renault trucks, Nissan Diesel (UD), FAW trucks, and Kawasaki in Lebanon, has taken pioneering steps in its quest to emerge as one of the country’s most environmentally-friendly automotive dealers, by signing an agreement with UK-listed EcoSecurities to audit and offset the company’s direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases.

RYMCO is the first automotive dealer in Lebanon to have signed
on with EcoSecurities, a leading company in the business of sourcing, developing and trading carbon offsets from greenhouse gas abatement projects, to assess, measure, and offset a company’s carbon footprint.

By becoming carbon neutral, RYMCO takes a giant step towards achieving its environmental commitment.

“Being part of the automobile industry mandates that we take a
responsible role in devising strategies to reduce CO2 emissions through increased energy and fuel efficiency to help address climate change, one of the highest priority environmental issues”, said RYMCO’s Marketing Manager, Charbel Abi Ghanem.

EcoSecurities measured RYMCO’s carbon footprint and assessed
the company’s GHG emissions that resulted from a range of business activities including RYMCO’s internal energy consumption, business related air travel, and commuting. EcoSecurities then developed and refined the Company’s strategies for pursuing carbon neutrality, by identifying cost-effective mitigation strategies and sourcing verified offsets for RYMCO to purchase.

EcoSecurities’ carbon footprint assessment allows RYMCO to identify which activities and emission sources are their main contributors to their overall footprint, allowing RYMCO to address these and define measures to reduce the emissions internally.


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