Israel Cleantech Intelligence: LAN-cancer link and 9 More Headlines

Light pollution in Europe

Water shortages caused by malfunctioning, wind power in Israel, Better Place in San Francisco and more headlines related to Israeli cleantech and the environment.

During the past week, Israeli researchers released findings that supports the link between Light At Night (LAN) pollution and cancer. European leaders convened in Israel to discuss R&D and a new reservoir near Sderot is helping agriculture in Israel’s south continue to thrive. For these stories and the rest of this week’s headlines, see below.

More evidence for LAN-cancer link

European R&D leaders meet in Tel Aviv

Ready to reap a potential windfall

Third International Conference on Desertification to be held in Israel

Phoebus Energy Offers A Hybrid Heating System for Hotels and Hospitals

Ten firms at gov’t Ashelim PV solar presentation

Luz Rises Again as BrightSource for California

Electric Car
San Francisco Taxis Make The Switch To Better Place Electric Vehicles

New Sderot Water Reservoir Rescues Agriculture in the Negev

‘Any malfunctions could cause water shortages’

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