American Elections Are Bad For The Nile Delta


If temperatures continue to increase and icecaps melt, scientists say a one meter rise in sea level will swallow the Nile Delta.

In order to protect the good life: big cars, up to three or four or more in one family, massive homes, fancy food, and five star trips to the Bahamas, (all unavailable to those on the losing end of this racket), Americans recently elected some of the most dangerous people in the world. Dangerous because they deliberately suppress climate science, blatantly prioritizing corporate interests over everyone else.

This is bad news for the Middle East too. Unregulated, America’s cars and factories send greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These then trap heat. Which melts glaciers and in general plays havoc with our weather patterns. As ice melts, sea levels rise and will eventually consume certain shorelines. Egyptian scientists recently announced the Nile Delta will be one of them, but their government wasn’t listening.

Assiut University held a press conference on Wednesday in order to share the results of a study conducted by the Egyptian Geologist Khaled Abdel Kader Aud, according to Al Masry Alyoum.

The University’s Vice President, Ahmed Gaeiss, told the paper that the Geologist’s study – which demonstrates the link between climate change and the northern Egyptian coast – is “very important.”

“Egypt is among the countries that will be significantly affected by climate change, since the Nile Delta lies beneath sea level,” Mr. Aud said. “Should the sea level rise by only one meter, the delta will be inundated.”

He also bemoaned lack of government attention directed at scientific research, which he added desperately needs funding.

While other countries are preparing to mitigate the upcoming effects of climate change, Egypt is notoriously silent on the issue, the paper reported. So silent, in fact, that neither the Minister of Environment, nor the Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources were present. However, the latter sent a representative on his behalf.

Not only is the Egyptian government failing to prepare for inevitable change, but they continue apace with development projects aimed at attracting more tourists to the Mediterranean Sea. All along the shoreline half-built eyesores lie uninhabited in areas that lack waste or water treatment facilities. Or even fresh water.

“But our government hasn’t yet taken any steps to protect our north coast,” Mr. Aud told the paper.

Like the politicians who have taken back the American Congress, the Egyptian government has tucked their collective head under an ostrich wing. But hiding will not make the changing clime disappear.

:: Al Masry Alyoum

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