TreeShirt Brings Graphic Tees and Planted Trees to Lebanon

What is your T-shirt saying? Buy one of these and you plant a tree in Lebanon.

T-shirts have been used to convey messages for decades.  These days, popular messages on tees may indicate what city you’re a fan of (as in I heart NY) or what brands you like (in the form of a big GAP or fcuk written across your chest).  But the message can be more subtle, and even invisible to the naked eye.  The message can be behind the scenes as well, extending to the values that went into your T-shirt.  TreeShirt is a T-shirt business with a message, the message being that the reforestation of Lebanon is important and benefits everybody.

Based in Lebanon (but available for international orders via its online store), TreeShirt sells limited editions of graphic tees with original designs created by a group of talented artists.  As the company describes itself, “At TreeShirt, we’re all about changing the world one idea at a time. By buying our awesome tees, not only will you look great but you’ll also making a difference in our community and the world.”

For every T-shirt sold by TreeShirt, $1 goes towards the reforestation of Lebanon via the Association for Forest Development and Conservation (AFDC).  (The cost of an average tee on the site is around $25.)

And why has TreeShirt adopted reforestation as its cause?  Because it would like to combat climate change by minimizing greenhouse gases.  “TreeShirt is adopting the reforestation cause, planting trees is a great way to reduce greenhouse gases. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from the air thus making earth a cooler place a greener place for us to live in.”

Could TreeShirt be a little greener?  Probably.  Their website has no mention of organic cotton or non-toxic inks being used in the production of its shirts.  And perhaps it could be donating a little more of its profits towards reforestation, considering the fact that the word “tree” plays such a big part in the company’s name.

But getting people to think about the environment when making everyday purchases is something too.

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