EcoOcean Opening a New Marine Research and Education Center This Week

EcoOcean is an Israeli non-profit organization that has been working since 2002 towards maintaining a healthy marine environment in the eastern Mediterranean and the Red Sea.  The organization’s team of Israeli scientists does this by conducting research and running ecological education programs. (You can read here about its director’s Andreas’ swim with the whales).

Education is a very important part of what EcoOcean is all about.  The organization’s goals are to “make people more aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy and vibrant marine environment, motivate them to act and enjoy such an environment, and affect decision makers to promote legislation towards protecting it for the future.”

One of the the ways that EcoOcean achieves these goals is through their Megalim Center – a Hebrew pun that plays on the word for “discovery” as well as the word for “waves”.  EcoOcean will be opening a new Megalim Center (and new offices) this week at Kibbutz Sdot Yam.

andreas weil, founder of ecoocean marine Israel sweden

EcoOcean founder Andreas Weil

Closed to the public, the ceremony will inaugurate the new Megalim Center (which is intended mainly for students coming for day-long visits) for visitors to learn about:

* Typical ecosystems of the rocky, sandy, and estuarine shore in the Mediterranean

* Adaptations of animals and vegetation to these environments

* Impacts of man on coastal and marine environments

* Adaptations of organisms to environmental changes.

The hope is that the programs at the Megalim Center raise awareness and concern for the natural marine environment.

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