UAE Ministry of Environment and Water Uses Animated Film to Promote Plastic Bag Ban

In the battle against plastic bags, the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water has started taking a more fun approach.

As part of its mission to ban non-biodegradable plastic bags from the UAE by 2012, the Ministry of Environment and Water will soon release an animated movie that promotes eco-friendly alternatives.  The Ministry is hoping that this more accessible and fun approach will encourage people to stop using plastic bags.  The film is part of a larger campaign, the Emirates Free from Plastics Initiative, that has already been active and which hopes to educate the public about the damages caused by plastic bags.

The rate of plastic bag consumption in the UAE currently hovers around two billion plastic bags a year, a number that the Ministry is attempting to reduce to zero over the next year and a half.

A survey released this week by the Ministry showed that 85 percent of UAE residents had heard or read about the negative effects of plastic bags but that fewer than half do anything about it.  Though this appears to be a negative statistic, there is a green/silver lining.  93 percent of UAE residents said that they would support efforts to reduce the use of plastic bags.

Khalid Al Sa’edi, the Director of the Awareness Department at the Ministry, said that the new animated film will promote reusable bags and depict how plastic bags threaten natural resources, the wilderness, and wildlife.

As a follow-up to the animated film, the Ministry will distribute around 35,000 biodegradable bags next month to visitors at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference.

Image via: Ars Electronica

: The National

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2 thoughts on “UAE Ministry of Environment and Water Uses Animated Film to Promote Plastic Bag Ban”

  1. Julie K. says:

    Certainly to make an animated movie is very good idea how to promote unpopular decision. I believe people will very slowly and hardly abandon using plastic bags. They are quite attached to this habit especially in town agglomerations. Wholesaling companies, entrepreneurs and other retailers should avoid packing goods into plastics. That will be a good start!

  2. Collins Pt says:

    Very informative!!

    In recent times, the world is becoming cognizant about the hazardous effects of plastic bags on the environment.
    Also PLA has been used to line the inside of Paper Cups in place of the oil based lining more commonly used, create Plastic ( bioplastics ) Cups, Cutlery, Carrier Bags, Food Packaging and even Nappies.

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