Make a Spout for a Bag of Spice Using an Old Bottle

plastic-bag-spoutA simple, free cover for spices and grains bought loose in the store or market

I often buy spices, grains and legumes in plastic bags at the market. But it’s hard to keep the bags closed properly, and the contents often spill out into the drawer or freezer. This wastes precious food, and leaves a mess.

Then I saw this great idea for recycling a plastic drink bottle to make a pour spout for a plastic bag. You’ll need a a plastic bag that is thin and flexible, like a sandwich bag—this spout won’t work with a crinkly pasta bag. But you can convert a used bread bag to a container for small grains using the spout.

plastic bottle and cover to make spout for plastic bagcutting the plastic bottle several centimeters below the spout
Here’s how to make your spout with its hermetic cover:

  1. Find a plastic bottle and matching cover. If you don’t have one, look on the street, or ask friends for some of their empties.
  2. Remove the cover of the bottle.
  3. Use a Japanese knife or sharp scissors to cut off 2-3 centimeters (about an inch) below the spout of the bottle. Smooth out the edges, but they don’t need to be perfectly straight.
  4. Take the plastic bag containing the food or spice, and thread the mouth through the spout.
  5. Fold the edges back 2 or three centimeters along the bottle opening.
  6. Screw the cover back on, this time over the edges plastic bag.
  7. Don’t forget the rest of the bottle into the recycling bin.
  8. Repeat—you’ll want to have a few of these on hand.

Now you have a secure cover for your plastic bag, so you can pour out as much or as little as you need with no worries.

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::Otiot Magazine
Photos: Hannah Katsman

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6 thoughts on “Make a Spout for a Bag of Spice Using an Old Bottle”

  1. Aviva says:

    Thanks for this great idea!

  2. Hi Mark,

    As far as I know that is a myth. If you have a reliable source stating otherwise, please let me know.

  3. Mark Barkan says:

    A word of caution. There are types of plastic containers that when placed in freezer will emit dioxin to the freezer and the contents of that container. Not all plastics will do this, but I would certainly investigate whatever types you have in mind for food storage. I use glass jars/bottles with metal lids in the freezer. It’s more cumbersome but is safer!

  4. Miriyummy, enjoy.
    Penniless, of course.

  5. What a terrific idea! Can I pass it on?

  6. Miriyummy says:

    I have so many of these bags floating around in my freezer with knots tied tight enough so the contents won’t escape, and tight enough that I can’t even get into them sometimes. This is genius, thanks!

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