Party With The UAE’s “Green Sheikh” On 10/10/10

UAE-green-Sheikh-101010On 10-10-10, thousands of people worldwide will roll up their sleeves and put their environmental conviction to work, including the “Green Sheikh.”

Given the continued exploitation of fossil fuel for energy, our atmosphere’s carbon content is escalating to a level that will be disastrous for our environment.

Which is why Bill McKibben initiated, an international organization composed of real people – people like you and me – who are fed up with shortsighted profiteers or spindly politicians. We wrote about Mr. Mckibben’s encouragement to get mad at reckless decision-makers who put the rest of us in peril, but he also offers constructive methods for taking earth back into our own hands. 

Party like its 2010

Citizens everywhere will either begin or join a “global work party” on 10-10-10. In New Zealand, there will be a giant bike fix-up day, in the Maldives, the president has authorized solar panels to be installed on his office building, and thousands of trees will be planted in Uganda. In fact, 2000 groups have formed in 100 countries. And as testament that not all leaders have forsaken us, the Middle East’s own Green Sheikh is supporting a high-school boy’s 10-10-10 initiative at Zayed University.

The future lies with our youth

An aspiring environmental engineer emboldened by Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Ali Al Nuaimi’s strong pro-environment disposition, 16 year old Rishi Avala contacted him to discuss creating a well-publicized event for 10-10-10.

Also involved is Dr. Osama Al Alami, who is both a Zayed University professor with the Department of National Science and Public Health and co-chair of the Zayed Environmental Impact Network (ZEIN) established in August, 2009.

The trio hope to attract such strong environmental voices as Al Gore, David Attenborough, and Arnold Schwarzenegger to their “global environmental salon” expected to be held at Zayed University.

Robert Swan

Another potential guest is the famed ice explorer Robert Swan, who according to Gulf News first brought the world’s attention to the ozone’s depletion.

Mr. Swan and Sheikh Al Nuaimi traveled to the arctic earlier this year.

The event – if successful – will send a strong signal throughout the Arab world that the United Arab Emirates is serious about changing the course of their environmental impact. Hopefully, positive ripple effects will ensue.

For more information about the Zayed Salon event, please contact Rishi Avala at [email protected], and for more information about other global party events, please visit

:: Gulf News

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