“Eco Options Egypt” Makes Egyptian Environmentalism Easy and Accessible

Eco Options Egypt is working on becoming a one-stop shop for resources on leading a green lifestyle in Egypt.

It’s not always easy to be green. Good intentions aside, if you habitually need to go out of your way to be eco-friendly then the chances are that eventually you’ll give up. If you can’t find the green resources easily, then you probably won’t use them.  Eco Options Egypt, a blog operated by Donya Desee, understands this and wants to make it as easy as possible for Egyptians to understand all the environmentally-friendly options out there. Being green in Egypt is now a little bit easier.

The blog’s mission is simple: “to identify all the available ‘options’ in Egypt and present them to Egyptians to enable them to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle.” They do this through:

  • Exposing environmental initiatives in Egypt in the form of articles
  • Identifying ways that eco-friendly lifestyle habits can be applied in Egyptian culture
  • Compiling a list of green Egyptian sites to encourage eco-tourism in the country
  • Establishing the blog as a reference for readers who want to live a green lifestyle

The blog has already gathered some fellow Egyptian green activists as partners, including Egypt Carpoolers and the Cairo Cycler’s Club.

Eco Options Egypt regularly publicizes green events going on in the country, and compiles a directory of green NGOs, businesses, etc. in Egypt.


And if reading isn’t your thing, the blog also has its own YouTube channel where it displays relevant clips (including the one above about tourism and biodiversity).

Image above via: Jani Helle

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