Get a Ride and Reduce Carbon Emissions with Egypt Carpoolers

If you’ve ever braved the streets of Cairo, you know that every time you cross the street there as a pedestrian an adventure is in store.  Cairo, unfortunately, is almost synonymous with traffic congestion, and all those drivers want to get where they’re going – fast.

But if there were less cars on the road (and fewer people riding alone in their cars), those drivers really could get where they wanted fast.

Five young Egyptians who got sick of sitting in traffic during their morning and evening commutes decided something had to be done.  They started Egypt Carpoolers for those who are “fed up with traffic, pollution, gas prices and stress related to driving in Egypt.”

How does Egypt Carpoolers work?

It is a website where ride offerers and ride wanters can meet.  The steps are simple: register on the website for free, offer/request a ride, and start carpooling.  (Or, in other words, start reducing carbon emissions, saving money, meeting new people, and hopefully getting to work faster.)

In describing how Egypt Carpoolers got started, the website explains that “the idea for was conceived on the 26th of July Corridor (more commonly known as “El Me7war”). One of the founders realized, while stuck in traffic 3al Me7war everyday on his way to work in Lebanon Square from Sheikh Zayed City and back, that most of the traffic was made up of cars with only one passenger. Why, even he himself was riding in a car on his own! He asked himself: “why don’t people carpool?” Carpooling would reduce traffic, save money and even help the environment.The answer was very simple. There was no means of communication to connect carpoolers together.”

Carpooling websites exist in many other countries, but apparently this is the first of its kind in Egypt.

A little antsy about sharing your morning commute with strangers?  Check out Egypt Carpoolers’ Carpool Savings Calculator, which will surely push you in the right direction.  And to ease your mind even more, there is a safety system to help users decide whether or not they feel comfortable with certain carpooling options.

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