Corporate Organic Food Struggles to Compete in Israeli Markets

In Israel the organic food market is still comparatively small and underdeveloped. According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz organic food only comprises one and half percent of Israel’s agricultural output. A whopping 90% of it is exported abroad, mainly to European markets. An annual Agriculture Ministry survey in 2011 discovered that 37.4% of the organic […]


Syrian Vendor Could Lose His Cart For Sidewalk Sales

Syrian’s police and vegetable vendors play a game of cat-and-mouse; will authorities find a way to let the market prevail? With its campaign against plastic bags and its shiny new renewable energy plan, Syria’s environmental esteem is rising high. Moshe’s weekly flight to the greater Middle Eastern blogosphere demonstrates all kinds of awareness from Damascus […]


“Green” Solar Coooker Project Prevents Darfur Rapes

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ou61_Wtu5TY&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] These solar cookers are very inexpensive to make, and yet their impact on Darfur’s families is immeasurable Spreading compassion for all things and attending to the suffering of others is steeped in the Jewish tradition, in part as a result of deep scars left behind by the holocaust. Nor does this philosophy extend to […]


World Breastfeeding Week Focuses on “Baby-Friendly” Policies

Billboard in Honor of World Breastfeeding Week, Sydney, Australia. The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) sponsored the 2010 celebration of World Breastfeeding Week on August 1-7. The theme, “Toward a Baby-Friendly World,” highlights ten steps to ensure success in breastfeeding. Breastfeeding reduces the rate of infant illness and mortality and protects mothers from post-partum […]


From Cairo to Alexandria – tourists trample the White Desert

Prior to the installation of an asphalt highway connecting the once peaceful region of Bahariya to Cairo, the oasis was mostly hidden from the greater world. Then archaeologists re-discovered the Valley of the Golden Mummies and tourism in Egypt soared, generating valuable income for the local community. However, the influx also comes with a considerable environmental cost.


EcoMum: Bathing Baby and Water Conservation

Well, winter is upon us and the rain is finally dampening the earth but that does not mean that we should forget about our water conservation efforts. One way of saving water and keeping our little ones a little more dry-eyed is by cutting back on bath-time. Coming from England where water conservation was never […]


Nurit – Israel's First "Eco-Friendly" Town

(Map of Nurit, from Google Earth) It’s one thing to adopt environmentally conscious behavior, such as recycling, taking public transportation, and saving water or electricity. But that’s not enough for the future residents of the now developing community of Nurit. They plan to live green. That’s because the Mt. Gilboa town of Nurit is set […]


EcoMum keeps it Green and Sexy!

Well the kids are back at school, time to pamper ourselves a little. Being an EcoMum is not all about being knee deep in cloth nappies, eating organic and recycling. Okay, I admit, I do not spend hours shopping for the new trendy look and yes second hand shops and organic clothing are my buzz […]


Recycled Paper

For every ton of paper, roughly 200,000 sheets of paper, that is recycled paper saves us from cutting down approximately 17 trees. The average school tosses 38 tons of paper each year, the equivalent of 644 trees. When you buy notebooks and paper think green and spend a couple extra to get recycled (it’s not […]


Going Green? Why Bother?

The noise about the importance of fixing our climate has been growing louder and louder over the past few years. We can only hope the the damage we have caused to our planet is not irreparable. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all. To say: “What can I do?” and just give up. […]