"Keep It Clean" Concert in Cairo This Monday

Concerts are a good way to bring environmentalism to the streets and the general public.  Over the past few years, we’ve seen this tactic used to promote the green cause a few times in the Middle East, like the used-falafel-oil-powered Earth Day concerts in Tel Aviv and the “Don’t Panic, It’s Organic” concert.

The practice will be hitting Cairo this Monday with the Keep It Clean Concert.

It is being organized by the organizers of Clean Up Giza and www.localsoundwave.com, and will take place in the Sakkiet El Sawy Wisdom Hall at 8 pm.

True to environmentalist form, the performers will all be local – we know how many fossil fuels imported talent can consume!  The performers represent a range of musical genres: Shady Ahmed (acoustic pop/rock), Amina Diab and Farida El Guertly (acoustic), Déporté (pop), Yogi & The Smoothers Blues Band (folk, blues and rocknroll), Habib (poetry in motion), and Wighit Nazar (Arabic hip hop).

Clean Up Giza, one of the concert organizers, is a national movement that is striving to create a better and cleaner Egypt.  They aim to tackle the garbage crisis by mobilizing the average citizen and together work towards a common goal.  They ask that people help them achieve their goal by participating in their clean up days, events, and 25,000 Bins around Giza campaigns.  For more information, visit their facebook page.

Localsoundwave.com, the other concert organizer, is an online music directory to everything happening musically in Egypt.  Visitors can log on to discover new music by artists performing nearby (less transportation = better for the environment). For artists, LocalSoundWave is a chance to display your talents to a wider audience and gain new fans as well as inform them of your next live performance.

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