Water Bills In Israel Go Up 40 Percent. Did Anyone Notice?

Desalination-Plant-in-HaderaWater bill prices in Israel continue to rise while desalination plans and conservation efforts remain stalled. Image via IDE Technologies.

Not long ago the Jerusalem Post reported on a national water scandal that seems to have crept on most of the Israeli public. In the past year water bills have gone up 40 percent. Since 2008, the average price per cubic meter has risen 400%.

Despite these absurd numbers, no one seems to have expressed any disapproval. Maybe it’s because of the two-three month delay in sending water bills which makes people forget or maybe it’s because people are resigned to the thinking that because it is scarce, it should be high, but whatever the reason, it’s not completely right.

As the article points out,

“The logic (of the Israel Water Authority) is to pass on to consumers losses incurred by regional water authorities, as well as to have households foot the bill for erecting desalination plants, which should have been constructed and fully operational years ago.”

While desalination would solve some of Israel’s water problems, it is years away from making Israel self-sufficient. In addition, the prices will still remain high since desalination plants require a lot of energy. On top of that, poor infrastructure that continues to be ignored despite leaks and other problems will also continue to be a problem that the public will have to pay for.

It might be high-time for people to now notice this and to demand the government to stop delaying these projects. It’s also a good time to institute far-reaching programs that encourage conservation.

::Jerusalem Post

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