Enjoy EcoBike’s Eco-Friendly Cycling Tours of Israel with a Cold Beer (Or Clean Conscience)

ecobike beer israel tel avivBikes, beer and maybe even babes part of EcoBike: bringing eco-friendly cycling tours to a whole new demographic – the beer lover.

Cycling, as fellow Green Prophet Karin has pointed out, has become very popular in Israel.  Despite the dangers of braving streets shared with temperamental Middle Eastern drivers, cycling has evolved to fulfill a variety of functions in Israel – from eco-tourism to messenger services, and simple daily transportation to powering eco-friendly rock concerts.  Joining the ranks of Israel’s emerging cycling eco-tours is EcoBike with a new spin (pun intended) on seeing the country and cycling: Bike & Beer.

bike beer israel poster eco cycling(For those of you that are concerned that groups of drunken cyclists are the last thing that Israel’s roads need, have no fear – the beers are served at the end of the tour.)

Founded by two lovers of two-wheelers, EcoBike as a company believes that “bicycling is the best way to immerse in nature and really travel.

While biking, every tour becomes an adventure and every encounter with nature a lasting experience.”

EcoBike also believes that it is important to leave the environment as unharmed as possible in the process.

The company strives to be as eco-friendly as possible, working with the Israeli Green Movement and using as many recycled materials in its office management as possible.

EcoBike’s tour offerings range from half-day tours of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to 3 or 8 day tours of the Galilee or Israel’s southern desert region.  (But if a relatively short bike tour and a beer are more your style, the Bike & Beer tours are only 3 hours long.)

bike beer israel

The Bike & Beer cycling tour package, to be offered as of next week (and you can use the ad to the left for a 50% discount) will take place every Sunday-Friday at 4:30pm in Tel Aviv.  NIS 175 (about $45) will get you a bike and helmet rental, an English speaking guide, mineral water, snacks, souvenirs, a workout, and yes… an ice cold beer at the end.

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    This is the kind of tour that we need more of in Israel. well done to EcoBikes!

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