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lebanon-ecovillageGet Your Green On in The Dmit Valley

Ecovillages are slowly sprouting in the Middle East.  There’s Kramim in Israel’s Negev Desert, as well as the well-known Kibbutz Lotan, and now the first of its kind in Lebanon.  Called simply EcoVillage, this project was grown from the ground by Karim al Khatib and a group of green-minded fellows.

Certified by the Institute Mediterraneo di Certificazione (IMC), EcoVillage has something to offer everybody:  trained professionals create and share interactive methods of learning about mountain ecosystem cycles and organic agriculture.


They demonstrate how to create healthy soil, propagate and sprout seeds, and start a basic herb garden.  They also bring awareness to responsible camping and the health benefits of traditional nutritional practices.

A day program for groups entails breakfast, a treasure hunt, and free time along the Damour River, followed by an organic lunch of soup, fish, veggie stew, and fruit — all sourced locally. 

In the afternoon, guests might paint a pot and plant a mini garden in it. 

The owners believe that people learn best by using all of their senses.

lebanon-ecovillage-bioarchitectureThey also offer team-building exercises.  These might include lessons in leadership, communication, or stress management, and all focus on building team spirit.

Other possibilities for private eco-tourists include yoga, tai-chi, swimming, or hiking, and there is a restaurant on site that serves organic meals.  Organic products are also on sale.

EcoVillage buildings were built according to bio-architectural principles defined  as “using natural/renewable materials that minimize environmental impact.” 

Using renewable energy sources and non-polluting products are equally key to the village philosophy.

All of this contributes to an educational, but relaxing and peaceful break surrounded by forests. If you enjoy waking up to the fresh scent of pine trees, pack your tent, and don’t forget to wear your green cap.

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