Greenpeace’s Flagship, the Rainbow Warrior, to Grace Tel Aviv and Haifa’s Harbors

Put down your matkot and take a tour of Greenpeace’s flagship, the Rainbow Warrior, this week.

Beachgoers on Tel Aviv and Haifa’s shores will be seeing something a little different over the next days, in the form of Greenpeace International’s famous flagship – the Rainbow Warrior.  The most famous of all of Greenpeace’s eco-activist ships, the Rainbow Warrior’s name was inspired by a native American prophecy that predicted a time when human greed would make the earth sick and a band of warriors would descend from a rainbow to heal it.  And so the ship travels the globe, protesting environmental crimes and disasters.  [youtube][/youtube]

Starting tomorrow, July 1st, locals will be able to view the Rainbow Warrior in Tel Aviv at a beach party near the Carlton Hotel.  The party will be held within the framework of Tel Aviv’s annual “White Night” celebration and take place between 6pm to 10pm.

Greenpeace will also be collaborating with radio station 99FM tomorrow, July 1st, to protest the construction of an additional coal station in Ashkelon.

On Saturday, July 3rd, a more serious event will be taking place at the Haifa Port – the Rainbow Warrior will be welcoming visitors between the hours of 10am and 5pm.  Activities on board will include a tour of the ship, meeting the ship crew, performances, educational activities for children, a puppet show, and more.

To read more about the event, please visit the Facebook event page.

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  1. Greenpeace is a force for change, but sometimes they act a bit radical.

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