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geotectura-univercell“The Sufi Order International (SOI) community desired to build an interspiritual temple called the ‘Universel’ at the Abode of the Message located in the Berkshire Mountains near New Lebanon, New York,” taken from Geotectura’s online literature.

Although we previously covered their  Greenest Building in Israel, which is currently in the process of acquiring LEED certification, as a special to Green Prophet readers, we would like to present a phantasmagorical selection of Israel-based Geotectura’s architectural designs.

For these various designs,  Dr. Yossi Cory and his team have received approximately twenty design awards, the most recent of which is the 3rd prize in Israel’s Project of the Year Award this year, as well as numerous media mentions. They are driven by a philosophy of social responsibility and energy efficiency, like the Swiss 2000 Watt Society, and unimpeded thinking.  On one wall of their Tel Aviv office, they have a giant painting of Salvador Dali, the eccentric painter of Melting Clocks and other time-bending art.  Geotectura designs might not shift time, but they certainly shift imaginations.


Designed to integrate in any international setting, the CT-Cube can implement the local “shape, color, light, and even furniture.”  Living in such a building would require social responsibility, but could also incubate dignity and respect.


This design challenges us to look beyond the stigma of homelessness, and consider “ownlessness” instead.  These can be decorated according to individual specifications, and hitched on to the back of the car for those free spirits who prefer to move around.


These “Walls of Change” are fixed but also subject to environmental changes such as sunlight, climate change, and plant growth.  Created for the Pentagon, the memorial is designed to preserve the memory of people, which never sways.


When disaster strikes, the X-2 shelter can be dropped from the sky and used immediately.  It “can be used as a stand alone tent (for dwelling, sanitation, health care) or can be assemble with other X2S to perform shelter for many people using several deployment options with natural passive ventilation, optimal exposure to the sun for added PV cells, communal organization efficiency and so on. In each tent you can maintain regular life with folded beds, bookshelves, sanitation and communication.”


This image depicts a future scenario with electro-magnetic buildings.  Tokyo will be the first to experiment with these hovering monoliths, that will then be able to “travel like birds”.  Flying buildings?  We hope not, but it’s definitely a clever design.

If you would like to see more Geotectura designs, including those being realized in Israel, click here to visit their website.

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