Keep Things Sexy More Energy Efficiently with Delta Galil Underwear

delta galil underwear organicSlip on some sexy, comfy and green underwear, developed in the Middle East

You’ve brought your environmentalism into the bedroom in a few ways already, buying eco-friendly lingerie, choosing comfortable (but environmental) pillows, and you’ve even considered polyamory.  But variety is the spice of life, right?  There are always new things to try. Like combining sex appeal with energy efficiency.

Delta Galil’s Ecolife line of underwear (a few samples of which you can see above), does exactly that.  The line of products is made from energy saving anti-bacterial cotton that uses 50% less energy to clean and care for and Real Lasting Cotton that lasts longer than ordinary cotton.  And it gets even better.

Ecolife’s underwear, Delta Galil claims, is sexy and will stay sexy even after multiple washes.  Cold washes, that is.  No energy guzzling hot water necessary.

The Ecolife line is part of Delta Galil’s long-term sustainability plan, which was launched in 2008.  The plan attempts to address four green areas, including: reducing the company’s carbon footprint, improving waste and water management, developing and introducing green products, and creating a green workplace/enhancing the workplace’s green culture.

And since Delta Galil is active not only in its original base in Israel, but in the US, UK, and continental Europe, hopefully this green underwear agenda will reach far and wide.

Interested in reading more about Delta Galil’s sustainability goals?  Read their Delta Galil Under Cover Newsletter: Special Green Edition.

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