Lebanese Food Blog "Taste of Beirut" Has Mouth-Watering Ideas

lebanese food blog
Taste of Beirut blog features authentic Lebanese cuisine and a great give-away.

I love this blog. I love Lebanese food, and author Joumana, a Lebanese ex-pat living in the States, presents recipe after delicious-looking recipe, Slow Food style.

Just a small example – the Toom garlic paste, a staple flavoring in Lebanese kitchens. Whirl garlic, lemon juice, salt and olive oil in the blender, thickening the paste if you want with a cooked potato or bread. Use it to flavor almost anything. That won me; I’m an unabashed garlic fan.

Then there are at least four recipes for kibbeh, recipes for flatbreads (the one featuring baby artichokes brought water to my mouth), and many more.

The last time Joumana visited Beirut, Lebanese chef and food project genius Kamal Mouzawak gave her several packages of za’atar spice, herb salt, khamouneh, a spice mix based on cumin, and freekah, wheat smoked in the fields while still green.

She is now running a raffle for them, including a recipe booklet. The raffle is on till Jan. 31st, so if you’re interested, leave a comment on her post about Kamal Mouzawak and the amazing work he’s done with small farmers and local ingredients, here.

Good luck!

More recipes to enjoy:

::Taste of Beirut blog

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5 thoughts on “Lebanese Food Blog "Taste of Beirut" Has Mouth-Watering Ideas”

  1. GREEN SMOKE says:

    one of the best Lebanese foods is the Mezze. The Mezze is that one single dish which can be attributed to have made Lebanese cuisine world famous. Mezze is nothing but a mixture of about 30 (maybe more or less, but usually, its thirty) dishes, hold and cold, served simultaneously.

  2. I never eat a Lebanese food. If I want to try it. Please recommend, where to buy it online.

  3. adult toys says:

    looks as good as it tastes

  4. shisha says:

    Fantastic Lebanese food, grilled chk pieces with lite garlic paste (toomiya sauce), wrapped in fresh lebanese flat bread served with sweet lime shisha as an after smoke!

  5. The Toom garlic paste sounds exactly like my French friend's recipe for al'olio.

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