Sunday Energy Floats New Solar Idea to Boost Power Output on Water

kibbutz zeelim
Kibbutz Zeelim from Google Earth. “Solarized” water reservoir located top left hand corner.

Sunday Energy, a PV solar integrator from Israel, who we’ve covered here (Every Sunny Day Is Like Sunday), is about to install a 5 MW PV facility on a water reservoir in an Israeli kibbutz, the business newspaper Globes report. The company says it will be the largest solar project of its kind in the world, to be built at Kibbutz Zeelim in the Negev Desert, in the south of Israel.

Zeelim is to share financing, about NIS 100 million (about $30 million USD), and in exchange it will own half of the facility. Approvals from the state are in so the development is expected to happen fast.

Sunday Energy is developing the technology so that a PV array will float on the water. The water, likewise is expected to cool the panels and boost electricity generation. A plus for the reservoir is that the panels will reduce evaporation, which causes the loss of one cm of water per day in the scorching hot summer months.


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