Oil Find Outside Tel Aviv: A Blessing or Ecological Nightmare?

“The current indication is during the drilling and is very preliminary, and nothing can be known about the quantities of oil and whether it can be taken out. These things will have to become clearer through tests. Currently, I would call this a positive indication, but you can’t establish more than that before all the drilling tests are completed.”

As noted in  a previous Green Prophet article, oil in plentiful quantities used to be a good thing when it was much cheaper and environmental concerns were less evident than they are now; especially in my native state of Oklahoma, in the good old U.S. of A.

But even if enough oil is found in this site to make it a feasible venture, the idea may not be good for a number of drilled wells pumping oil out of ground from the geological Triassic structure that is said to be about 230 million years old.

The formations  are  similar to those  found in western Canada; and  may not be too good for Israel’s already endangered coastal aquifer that is becoming  more and more polluted  from a number of contaminants, including sea water.  Globes might better direct the same amount of investment publicity towards projects dealing with alternative and renewable energy.

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