Think Again: Make a Last Minute Gift Bow with Reused Paper

recycled paper gift bowThink Again is a series that provides fun ideas for how to reuse items in your home that you would normally throw out or recycle.  Reusing is higher on the “green” food chain than recycling, because getting another use out of an object is always more effective than spending the energy to recycle it.  Plus, trying to reuse can force us to be creative!

You know how it is – you’re on your way to a party or event and you’ve got the gift… but nothing to decorate it with.  While handing someone a bottle of wine is nice, it would be even nicer if there were an added touch like a ribbon or bow.  And let’s face it, most of us don’t have pretty decorative ribbons lying around.  Ever.

Jessica Jones of the How About Orange design blog has come up with a quick and easy solution for all of us.  Whip up a last minute decorative bow out of a magazine page or other paper scraps you have on hand!

For this project you will need:

recycled paper gift bow1 paper page (such as from a magazine) or 9 strips of paper


Stapler and staples

All purpose white glue

reused paper gift bow instructions

1.  Cut your paper into 9 strips of the same width.

2.  Once you’ve cut all 9 strips, leave the first 3 strips their existing length but cut the next 3 strips a little shorter (about an inch shorter), the following 2 strips another inch shorter than that, and cut the last strip so that it is very short.  Check out the picture on the right to see what the strips should look like.

3.  Twist each strip into a figure eight with the loops facing up, and then secure the loop with a staple at the center.  Do this for all 8 long strips.  For the smallest strip just twist the strip into a small circle and staple.reused paper gift bow

4.  Start layering the loops.  Place the 3 largest loops on the bottom layer, layering them so that you have a circle.  Glue each loop to the loop beneath it with a dab of glue at the center of the bow.  (Look at the photo below to see what this should look like.)

5.  Next, layer the next 3 loops.  Repeat until you have used all the loops.  Finally, add the small circle to the center.recycled paper gift bow

6.  Let dry a couple minutes, and you’re done!  If you really want to deck your gift out in recycled gift wrap glory, wrap it in a handmade drawstring bag and top it off with this bow.

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