Middle Eastern Cities Joining 350.org's International Climate Change Protest on October 24th


We’ve already written about how Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) has joined forces with 350.org, an international campaign that hopes to inspire the world to create a sense of urgency among world leaders for changing policies that would effect climate change.  They have been organizing a climate change protest to take place at the Dead Sea on October 24th, the day designated by 350.org as an international day to protest climate change.

The campaign is focused on the number 350 – the level of parts per million that scientists have determined to be the safe maximum for CO2 levels in our atmosphere.

But the entire Middle East has taken notice.  A couple weeks before the actual protest, now, there are tens of climate change protests registered all over Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon and Syria.

With the UN climate change summit taking place in Copenhagen in just a few months, these protests are extremely significant.

Keep on reading for a list of protests sorted by country.  And if there isn’t one near you, then it’s not too late to start a protest of your own – 350.org’s website provides a lot of support and advice for starting your own October 24th protest:

LEBANON (click on the city name for a link to more information about each event)

Nabatieh, Lebanon: Rim S is planning a school project about 350.

El-Metn, Lebanon: Protesters will place a flag with the number 350 on an oil power plant.

Beirut, Lebanon: Protesters will go to Roman Ruins wearing swimming goggles and holding a 350.org banner (to highlight the fear of sea water levels rising due to climate change).  Alternatively, protesters will go to the bat grotto of Raouche rock while holding the 350.org banner.

Beirut, Lebanon: Around 80 students will hold a big white banner with the number 350 on it at Salim Slam, together with a musical band.

Beirut, Lebanon: Around 83 students will form the number 350 with their bodies on a green oval and will also march during a climate change awareness week to explain the concept of 350, its relation to climate change, and our role in the international campaign against climate change.

Beirut, Lebanon: Between 3:50pm and 7:30pm a group of Lebanese youth will be encouraging citizens to use public transportation by getting on buses at 3:50pm and going on a ride for 3 hours and 50 minutes with 350.org flyers so that they can discuss climate change with random people.  The rides will be documented by a video camera.

EGYPT (click on the city name for a link to more information about each event)

Alexandria, Egypt: Youth and children at the Abo-Kabeer camp will learn about environmental and sustainable lifestyles as well as the mission of 350.org.  Rocks will be collected by the children during the day and by the end of October 24th a large number 350 will be formed with all the collected rocks.  The children will also spend the day cleaning up a nearby beach.

Cairo, Egypt: An event will be held to showcase young musicians and screen films dealing with the issue of climate change.  Film submissions are being collected until October 18th, and should be submitted to [email protected]

Dahab, Egypt: Divers, sailors, and sunbathers will be flaunting the number 350 on October 24th.

ISRAEL (click on the city name for a link to more information about each event)

Tel Aviv, Israel: At least 350 rollerbladers (and some cyclists) will be having a special 350 marathon that begins with buses leaving from the Tel Aviv Cinematheque at 7am going to the town of Beit Shemesh.  The participants will rollerblade route 38 south to emphasize the current ppm level of upper 380s, then to to route 350 west to indicate the desirable ppm level of 350.  The route will end at Kiryat Gat – a total distance of 35 km.  Participants will then take buses back to the Tel Aviv Cinematheque and have a 350 parade to the Tel Aviv port and back.  Celebrations will be held at the end of the protest at the Dancing Camel Brewery.

All over Israel: Public transportation day will be held on October 19th all over Israel.  Green Course will be leading activities in conjunction with youth movements, other NGOs, schools, and the public.


Ramallah: A gathering will take place in the Ramallah city square, with participants wearing shirts bearing messages about climate change.

JORDAN (click on the city name for a link to more information about each event)

Petra, Jordan: On October 23rd between 12pm and 12am the Jordan Environment Society will be holding a national anti-littering initiative called “Don’t Mess with Nature.”  Events will also be held in Petra.

SYRIA (click on the city name for a link to more information about each event)

Aleppo, Syria: Protesters will gather in the public square of Aleppo and have a day of awareness, as well as take a group picture for the 350.org initiative.  Events will also be held in local schools.

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