Green Building Takes Off in Turkey

turkey-eco-home leed houses istanbul photoThe global ecologically friendly building trend is taking hold in Turkey as well, according to the English-language daily Hurriyet News and Economic Review.

We’ve covered Turkey’s water agreements with Iraq, along with the country’s hard line against coastline development.

Green construction in Turkey includes waste disposal systems, solar energy, and rainwater collection, Hurriyet reports:

Reghnumj’s Astrum Towers in Haramidere will also collect rainwater. A-Z Yapı’s Meritlife Kent will utilize a system where all domestic waste will be recycled. Soyak’s Mavişehir will consist of houses that reduce heat dissipation, while Milpa’s Milpa Konutları in Esenyurt will help reduce water waste by 50 percent.

Doğa Gayrımenkul will use only wood in the construction of Doğa Meşepark, while Hektaş İnşaat’s İdealist Kent project will include a system to collect rainwater.

Hurriyet adds that in financially bad times, the energy, water and other savings from eco-homes can be up to 50 percent.

I find it heartening to read about eco-friendly towers and not just homes; this leaves hope for creating truly green walkable communities that don’t depend on cars.

(Photo from Hurriyet)

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  1. The UK is supposedly classed as a well developed country so why can’t we be at the forefront of eco projects? This shows that countries that are less well off than the UK can make progress, come on Gordon Brown get off your backside please …..

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